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A converted loft has the potential to be the most spectacular room in any house if you have the best builders in Dundee. You may use the additional level for anything you choose, and the cost of construction is minimal. What kind of bedroom would it be, a master? Included a private bathroom? An inspiring workplace? Can you imagine having a closet that big?

The addition of even one room may have a significant effect on the feel and function of your home, and it can also increase its value. Naturally, we see a plethora of incredible transformations, each of which offers new opportunities. So, to get your creative juices flowing, here are some of our current favorites…

1 – Put in windows of the Critall style

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When will this happen again? The black border is minimal. A beautiful way to make your loft bedroom seem like it’s floating in the sky. Is, to install Critall-style windows on the outside wall. If you also install skylights, the effect is even more dramatic, as natural light floods in, and the space seem to expand. Whether or not your space has a balcony, the fresh air, light, and design points. What this type of window provides is well worth the investment.

2 – Create a complete guest quarters by adding a sitting space.

best builders in Dundee

If your loft conversion is large enough. It would be great to have a separate room for your visitors to stay in like a bed and breakfast. Under the large Velux window, there is even enough for a workstation and a cozy L-shaped couch. A holiday rental would be a great way to gain some additional money. To put toward your next home improvement project. And, this would also make a great guest room. This can only be done by KESR Developments – Dundee Builders.

3 – Upgrade the existing bathroom by putting in a luxurious en suite with a large shower.

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Creating the ideal opulent en suite is a goal of many people who convert their lofts. This is frequently a real possibility. The shower head may be installed at a perfectly reasonable height in most cases. The whole aesthetic can be unified with the help of some eye-catching tiles. These homeowners have done. Just keep in mind that a higher ceiling means more potential for shelving units.

4 – For a rustic cabin look, mount floorboards on the ceiling.

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This concept is out of the world if you value historic details and warm furnishings. Installing a ceiling made of floorboards in your loft addition is a great way to create a rustic look. We’re all for turning a house’s unique characteristics into design statements. We here at KESR Developments have the best builders in Dundee. So, don’t worry about anything because we got you all covered. Check it out update proejct on Facebook.

5 – Make a bathroom in the bedroom

best builders in Dundee

You don’t have to stay at a five-star hotel to enjoy a luxurious shower enclosure. We have great taste in interior design. The additional washing area is a brilliant way to use the space in the spacious bedroom. The glass partitions of the shower keep it light and airy, and the small footprint of the basin keeps the design uncluttered while adding significant utility. Humidity from the hot water will also benefit your indoor jungle’s growth.

6 – Make your own studio space.

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Dundee loft conversions provide the perfect separation of work and play. Something we all need from time to time in order to exercise our creative muscles. As an added bonus, the desk and shelf setup here is readily adaptable. Whether you’re looking to switch things up or make more area for a bigger event. Room to develop your latest solitary pastime!

7 – Elevate your loft renovation to the next level.

best builders in Dundee

A loft that has a raised level for sleeping is suited for a queen, whether that level is necessary to accommodate your conversion structure or not. This allows you to make the most of your tall ceilings and separate spaces if you’d want to add a dressing or storage room.

8 – Loft bedrooms may benefit from paneling

best builders in Dundee

The panelling in this loft bedroom is a perfect complement to the space. Panelling is often reserved for straight walls with right angles. Although, it may also be used well on inclined walls. Placing labels here draws attention away from the wall’s atypical form and instead underlines its beauty as a design element. We also like how the top wall may still be used to display art or a funky paint colour with this arrangement.


The point is made. We’ve compiled a list of our top 8 recommended loft conversion ideas by the best builders in Dundee. Which range from simple improvements to radical makeovers.

Will you be transforming your loft? What exactly are you planning? Or have you made yourself a lovely little nook in the sky that you’d be happy to show off? Send us a note!

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