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Concrete Frame Construction

Since KESR Developments is the most significant Concrete Frame Construction installer in the UK, they have access to a broad array of forming technologies that are able to fit almost any structural design. These technologies include both conventional and advanced methods. In addition to our typical function as full-service managers of the concrete structure, we are more than happy to revert to our roots and offer services that are limited to formwork when this type of assistance is more effectively aligned with the goals of our customers and helps them avoid duplicating the efforts of their own workers.


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The following are the formwork services we provide:

Vertical Shoring

Coalesced Columns

Core Wall Forming / Wall Forming

Creating a Base

The work of KESR Developments in creating high-quality concrete construction goes beyond only the first pour. We prepare cement lift plans, post blueprints, site logistics planning, and quality assurance and control documentation in Revit during pre-construction as part of the project planning process.
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