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Hard Landscaping

Since day one, we’ve included hard landscaping as an option for our clients. We always take into account how the landscape would affect your building project.

Trusted Landscape Professionals

A landscaping plan should be included in your building project to highlight its greatest qualities. We at KESR Developments know the importance of the landscaping around your building site. Choose a Landscape Company with experience and expertise who will implement your vision with the highest quality materials. When you work with KESR Developments Landscape Building projects, you’ll have a partner who appreciates your work as much as you do and is dedicated to helping you showcase it in the best possible light.

For over 25 years, we’ve included hard landscaping in our list of offerings. Our portfolio includes everything from municipal revitalization initiatives and lottery-funded public parks to private estates, hospitals, schools, retail malls, universities, hotels, roads, and even brand-spanking-new office buildings.


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We’ve always been ahead of the curve in our field, and that hasn’t changed. With our extensive background, you can be certain that your difficult project will be designed to the highest standards of precision. Using quality, creativity, and foresight, our specialised teams collaborate directly with you to plan, design, layout, and install all components to perfection.

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